What are they thinking?

Jun 17, 2013E-Newsletters

Rep. Sean Duffy

Dear Friend, 

“What are those people in Washington thinking?” It’s a question I hear all the time, and even more frequently in light of recent headlines. Between the daily scandals and the stagnant jobs reports, good people might have run out of faith in Washington. I can’t blame you.

The good news is, I am working towards policies that can work for Americans – not against them. Read on for a wrap-up of the week that was:

Where are the jobs? The country added 175,000 jobs in the month of May, but the unemployment rate ticked-up to 7.6 percent. According to Gallup, less than 44% of Americans are receiving a paycheck. No one said a recovery would be easy, but it is much harder when the President’s policies are actively preventing businesses from wanting to grow and create jobs. We know it can be better and it should be better. In September 1983 under Reagan, the economy added one million jobs-- in just one month! We're nowhere near the robust boom that the President promised.

The President’s policies aren’t cutting it, but in the House of Representatives we are determined to pass legislation that works for the American people despite the President’s efforts to thwart them. The Keystone XL pipeline alone would create 120,000 indirect jobs. The President has had the ability to move on Keystone for more than 1700 days and has done nothing. The Bill we passed in the House would take it out of his hands, allowing it to move forward so the American people can get ahold of those jobs and our country can get ahold of our energy independence. 

Are you part of the 55%? According to a poll released this week by NBC andThe Wall Street Journal 55% of Americans doubt the Obama administration’s "overall honesty and integrity," in light of the IRS scandal. The House is exercising our oversight responsibility. This week we heard from some of the innocent Americans who were unfairly targeted by the IRS. Their accounts were compelling, and quite honestly frightening. It was a strong reminder that we must stay on this issue, hold those responsible accountable and put in place reforms to make sure that this cannot happen again. What do you think about the IRS? Talk back to me in this week's poll (on the right).

On Deck: Next week the House will begin cons spending bills. What was once a pork laden process is reformed. With renewed determination, the House is committed to passing responsible appropriations bills. To track the progress of these bills and others, make sure you are following @RepSeanDuffy on Twitter and at facebook.com/RepSeanDuffy.

As always, thank you for the honor to represent you in Congress. I will continue to pursue policies that keep your best interests in mind instead of Washington’s.