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Mar 10, 2019E-Newsletters




March 10, 2019


Dear Friends,

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. There is a lot going on in both our neck of the woods of Wisconsin and in Washington DC, so let's get right to it!


Art Competition 2019 Is Here

Attention 7th District high school students, the Congressional Art Competition is back! Click HERE to see official rules for the competition. Your work may be featured in the U.S. Capitol!

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Hero From Merrill

I wanted to pass along this post from the Merrill Police Department. It's the story of the heroic actions of a 13 year old named Michael Dickman. Quite the story!

"We had the privilege of recognizing 13 year old Michael Dickman this morning at Prairie River Middle School. On 02-21-19 at 7:28 am Michael was walking to school and heard someone yelling for help. Michael waded through the snow and found Lonnie Strauss had fallen off of a loading dock while clearing snow behind a building in a remote area of town, and was unable to get out of the deep snow. Michael attempted to help Mr. Strauss but the snow was too deep. Michael then attempted to waive cars down but was unable to get anyone to stop. He then went into the building and dialed 911. Officer Tesch who is pictured was one of the responders along with the Merrill Fire Department. Michael was awarded a Citizens Public Service Award for a lifesaving act. Michael was recognized by the entire 7th grade class at school. Michael happened to be walking by, but he acted when he was needed and possibly saved Mr. Strauss’s life as it is unknown when someone would have found him. The temperature that morning was 4 degrees and Mr. Strauss had been outside for approximately 2 hours when Michael heard him. Good job Michael!"

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We Must Secure Our Border

With the most illegal border crossings on our border in over a decade, Democrats are in denial about the real crisis occurring there. We need physical barriers, boots on the ground, and the use of technology to help solve this problem.

Click HERE or the image below if you agree that as Americans we deserve to have a secure border.




Until next week!

God bless,


Sean Duffy