June 17th Newsletter

Jun 17, 2011E-Newsletters

It has been a busy couple weeks since my last update but the biggest news was that the national unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent. The number one issue I hear about as I travel Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District, is jobs and the economy. When the latest jobs numbers came out, I said that they were “more proof that government borrowing, printing and massive spending does nothing to boost the economy or create jobs.”

Economic growth and sustainable job creation comes from the private sector, where more than 80% of Americans work. The idea that – at a time when our nation's recovery is on the rocks as it is – we would raise taxes on the very job creators we need to jumpstart the economy is precisely the kind of policies from Washington that have created uncertainty and crippled economic growth.  You do not help those who are job seekers by punishing job creators.

Since I’ve been in office, I’ve made it a priority to visit all parts of Wisconsin's Seventh Congressional District, which has all or part of 20 counties. In addition to the town hall meetings and “Coffee with your Congressman” events, I’ve made it a point to visit our local job creators – small businesses. Just last week, I visited several such businesses in Chippewa County, including:

EOG Resources:
Congressman Duffy tours EOG Resources in Chippewa Falls
“EOG recognizes what we’ve known here in Western Wisconsin for many years, that we have an extremely productive, hard-working and competitive workforce. Their presence in this area is precisely the kind of investment that will pave the way to economic recovery.”

Extrusion Dies Industries:
Congressman Duffy touring EDI in Chippewa Falls
“What we need from government are policies that will encourage innovation – because that’s what the private sector does best.  What government should not be doing is piling on higher taxes, burdensome regulations and costly mandates. Extrusion Dies Industries is the perfect example of a local business that can succeed if government allows it to.”

Superior Silica Sands:
Congressman Duffy and an employee at Superior Silica Sands in New Auburn
“As I hear from business leaders in our community, I continue to hear about their genuine desire to expand, grow and create jobs.  Superior Silica Sands is proof that if we empower the real job creators to invest in our communities, our friends and neighbors are the ones who benefit.”

Congressman Duffy held events all across WIsconsin's Seventh Congressional District During June's First District Work Week

For more pictures from my events in the district, check out my Flickr photostream!

I am committed to a two-step approach to getting our economy moving again.  The first is to get government out of the way so our businesses can create more jobs.  This year alone, government regulation will cost small business owners more than $1.75 trillion. Second, I am committed to getting our fiscal house in order.  Our government borrows a mind-blowing $58,000 every second.  That adds up to $1.5 trillion every year.  We are borrowing, spending and printing money at historically unprecedented levels. These deficits and debt have caused high interest rates, inflation and increase the threat of crushing tax increases. This uncertainty that is stalling our economic recovery and paralyzing our businesses from growing and hiring more people is precisely what I'm working on getting rid of.

The bottom line is, it’s all about jobs. The best way to prevent foreclosures on homes is jobs.  The best way to boost consumer confidence is jobs.  The best way to increase revenues to the federal government so we can reduce our crushing national debt is jobs.

Jobs are job #1.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and continuing the conversation as we push for the kind of policies that will get our economy turned around and our people back to work.

Sean P. Duffy
Member of Congress
Seventh District, Wisconsin

P.S. As we approach summer, which is a peak travel time, I want to remind those of you who live in Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District that my office can help you or your loved ones through the passport process.  Contact my Constituent Services Center in Wausau if you have any questions or problems, and remember, you need to allow enough time to actually receive your passport, which can take up to 4-6 weeks from the time of application.