My Superbowl Commercial

Feb 1, 2015Columns

Dear friends,

While we’re enjoying the game with our families today, millions of young girls have been displaced from theirs. Human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime in the world, generating $9.5 Billion a year in the U.S alone.  It is an issue that often gets attention around the Super Bowl, and major sporting events, but it is going on 365 days a year - in big cities and small towns across America…and around the world.

To watch my PSA which will be featured on my Facebook and Twitter pages during the first half of today’s game, click here

This week Congress passed a dozen bills to end trafficking. We're working to better educate healthcare professionals so they can identify signs of sex trafficking, shutdown websites that knowingly connect predators with pimps, and ensure women forced into the trade can get the help they need -- without fear of prosecution.

Join us in our quest to help these girls. Today, if you post or tweet about #Superbowl, help us gain awareness and include #EndTrafficking.

Look to the right for a few other highlights from this week. Enjoy the game and, until next week…

Have a great week,